Сrowd Link

1. – What is Crowd Links?

Crowd links – Crowd links are the most common links that we find on the Internet. We can often see them on various web forums, but the difference is that, unlike regular links, this type is more harmonious and effective. And despite the fact that the use of crowd links is supposedly the “golden key” in the world of marketing and business, this method is not very popular, though it has huge benefits.

Crowd marketing – is not only an effective way to attract an audience, but also an ideal option for retaining targeted users. Thanks to this, you will not have the same situation as many small Internet businesses that become a kind of pass-by site: visitors just go, browse, subscribe and do not show any more activity.

In many ways, crowd links are focused on helping people solve their problems.  As an example, let’s imagine that a private psychological clinic has recently opened, in which doctors of various qualifications work. Now let’s create a situation where people open a discussion on the Internet on the topic: “How to overcome domestic violence in the family?”  or “HELP!!!  MY PARENTS DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!  WHAT SHOULD I DO!”.

This is where the crowd link comes into play.  But we must remember that the main rule of crowd links is the organicity and naturalness of the written advertising. Instead of just attaching a link that no one needs and no one will pay attention to, the post is prepared in advance, taking into account the interests of the audience. This is an unobtrusive text in the format of a recommendation or advice for solving a specific problem of a person.  As an example:

This is just a terrible situation you have to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to understand you, but I know a group of professionals who could help you solve your problem, here!  This is their website, “vsebudetsuperclinic.com”, and there you will find contact details.  They have highly qualified and polite staff, and I’m sure they will help you here!  Good luck to you!  I pray for you with all my heart!!!

Naturally, this method looks much more pleasant, unlike an empty link to a resource, because here you are not imposed, but offer a way to solve a specific problem for a person.

Even though the effectiveness of crowd links is clear to see, many people do not quite understand that thoughtlessly writing text is not enough and it is also necessary to correctly find the place and audience based on the interests of which the crowd link will be made.  However, this section is called “Crowd Marketing”.

1.1 – What is Crowd Marketing?

Crowd links — Crowd marketing is a kind of search for a target audience that may be interested in your product. This process also includes the creation and implementation of crowd links.

First, the webmaster conducts a thorough analysis of the company itself, which provides its products or services to buyers. The strengths and weaknesses of the business are analyzed, the market niche is assessed, and then certain conclusions are drawn.

Later, taking into account the results of analytical activities, a search is carried out for the target audience, which will certainly be interested in the company’s proposals.  In most cases, at this stage, target requests are simply selected and the needs of buyers are studied.

It may seem easy, but crowd marketing is one of the most difficult stages of brand promotion, because as it was said earlier: “People themselves do not know what exactly they want.”

1.2 – How does it work?

The system of “crowd marketing” itself seems extremely simple only at first glance, although, of course, there are some pitfalls that make us approach this method more carefully and tactfully. After all, if everything were too simple, then this method would become one of the most hated as empty copying and pasting a link to any Internet resource. So, let’s start with the fact that the system itself involves several stages.

№1 – Choosing a theme and creating your resource

Everything is simple here!  You will need to decide on the theme of your brand and what you will do.  Let’s say you are creating a company that will sell soft toys or fortune telling by cards, it doesn’t matter.  At this stage, the main thing is the beautiful design and preparation of your main Internet headquarters in the Internet portal. In this case, you can use any resource, even Instagram or Facebook will be good platforms. At this stage, you decide on the main method of earning and the subject of your business.

№2 – Find your audience

This is where we smoothly move on to crowd marketing itself.  Finding and analyzing your target audience is a key process that will play a major role in building your brand’s popularity and awareness in the digital world.

At this stage, after we have decided on the topic, we need to carefully look for our audience, which will definitely be interested in certain services or products. However, not everything is so simple here, because how many people, so many opinions, requests, requirements. In this case, it would be best to start by entering a search query that will be related to your topic. For example, if you are tinting cars, then it is best to enter: how to tint car glass? After that, the search engine will issue more than a million similar requests, and all that remains is to find some forum on this topic, and then start acting. As an example, the main question from a person:

How to tint glass yourself?

A very interesting question, but extremely doubtful and difficult to implement due to the fact that it is impossible to tint glass on your own, because there is a high risk of damaging something, and then you will not end up with problems.  Here, keep autostyle.com good service and qualified people who know a lot about their business work there. I advise you to consult with them first and they may help you sort this matter out. Come on, good luck!

After such a presentation of information, a person is likely to follow the link and become one of the first members of a permanent and loyal audience that will be useful in promotion. Those who could also look for the answer to the question might go to the same resource.  By clicking on your crowd link, there is a 76% chance that they will be permanent members of your site.

This approach improves the reputation of the company, because, as mentioned earlier, the crowd marketing method is not a thoughtless advertising of your resource for the purpose of profit, but a competent and harmonious approach aimed at helping to solve the problems of customers.  Thus, the brand of your company looks much more humane and reliable compared to competitors, as it does not offer its services for money, but provides its assistance in solving a specific problem.

1.3 – Who needs it?

Online stores – are probably the main connoisseurs of this approach. This is due to the main goal of this type of business – to sell as many goods as possible, and this is extremely simple to do. It is enough just to write something related to your product in the search query.

For instance:

Yes you are right! I also experienced this disgusting problem on my face, and was just horrified.  I could not appear in public, because I was afraid of other people’s views, especially my partner. I struggled with this problem for a very long time and could not find a solution, but then, by the recommendation of a friend, I ordered a couple of creams from an online store that orders special self-care products from Korea. As a result, black dots disappeared within a month, and the skin became clearer. Here is a link to their beautystore.com page. You can take it from here and not be afraid.  Anyway, I recommend it!

Thus, only a recently opened online store, which really did not have any audience and sales, will be able to gather around itself a crowd of buyers who increase traffic and hence bring the company to the first lines in queries, as well as increase brand awareness.

The service sector is also a good opportunity for rapid development. Moreover, the service industry is extremely versatile and crowd marketing is an ideal opportunity to use this advantage to 110%.  In addition to searching for forums on a particular topic, you can also use this area’s relatedness scheme here.

As an example:

To be honest, I’m not an expert, but as far as I know, most muscle pains can be solved without the use of surgery, just a competent massage in certain parts of the body is enough. For example, six months ago I had terrible pain in my spine, and for a long time I couldn’t even sit normally. I called later at the clinic, but everyone was talking about operations. Somehow I was in no hurry to go under the knife and decided to look for some alternative, and later relaxedbones.com helped me here. Frankly speaking I am very glad that I decided to visit this place first, because after a couple of weeks of procedures I felt completely relieved!  In any case, the decision is up to you.

In general, I can say from my own experience that cosmetics, etc.  this is of course important.  However, everyone here misses an important point, like a quality facial massage, which could help with the facial muscles, which also need to be kept in shape. I recently went to relaxedbones.com and now I can feel how my face has become brighter and more pleasant to the touch.

Two different topics, medicine and beauty, but the crowd link easily revealed the hidden possibilities of both.

2 – Why is it important?

The question is “Why is this important?” remains relevant since 2016, when the first growth in the popularity of crowd marketing and crowd links began.

At that time, it was generally believed that this method was only suitable for those companies that were going to remain nothing more than a small service.  However, the situation changed dramatically when, because of crowd links, smaller firms began to actively force larger players out of the market.  Especially in this, online services did a good job when they began to actively form around themselves a kind of replacement for outdated services from large giants at that time.

As proof, we can remember the same Google Keep or OneNote, which are considered one of the largest in the field of online notes. At the same time the only service that has succeeded in displacing the online giants from the market was Evernote, which was created by the ordinary Russian, and has not lost its position for quite a long time.

Thus, we see that the sharp popularity of crowd links makes not only small companies, but also large giants participate in the study of this area, which automatically leads us to think: the crowd link can be truly called the “discovery of the century”.

It should also be taken into consideration that this topic should be interesting not only for entrepreneurs, but also for consumers, as crowd links will flood the Internet in the near future, and it will be difficult to determine an honest recommendation of a person from a targeted advertising company to benefit from it.

2.1 – How does it help?

A crowd link helps to popularize a brand through various online platforms. The instrument of crowd links is public opinion. Unlike simple mindless links, the task of a crowd link is to create an image of a recommendation and interest in solving a problem. This approach leads to the fact that many people who clearly have great difficulties in a certain issue, nevertheless, will begin to use the tips provided by others, thanks to the created atmosphere of care and kindness, perceived on a psychological level.

How does it help sellers (brands)?

Crowd link creates an atmosphere of care and interest in a particular problem. Such posts always look like recommendations and a helping hand in a difficult moment for a person. Thus, native advertising is not perceived as an intrusive text that people are already tired of. On the other hand, a positive impression is formed of service users who often visit various thematic forums in order to find the right solution to their issue.

How does it help consumers?

The development of this area also plays a positive role for ordinary consumers by weeding out unnecessary and intrusive links that are found everywhere on the Internet. This is explained by the fact that crowd links are placed only among thematic posts, where it is appropriate. This means that the chance of meeting a link to a clothing store on a car forum among questions about replacing a car battery will be extremely low. The main bulk of the crowd links, first of all, is advisory in nature for an audience that is interested in solving specific problems. This allows consumers to speed up the search for answers to their questions by accessing such services.

2.2 – Why is it effective?

Crowd links are phenomenal marketing tools, although the method itself is quite simple to use.

First of all, this is due to the psychological effect that these links create. And in fact, one must agree with this statement, because in times when all people are rude and cold to each other, this kind of care creates a positive feeling for a person who has problems. This is especially true for the service sector, for example, the provision of psychological or medical assistance by clinics.

Secondly, many attribute the success of crowd links to the fact that they are created taking into account the interests or concerns of a potential consumer. This means that crowd links do not appear where they shouldn’t, or to be more precise crowd links are focused not on empty spam of discussions and chats, but on suggestions and recommendations for solving certain problems, on certain topics.

Many experts note these two aspects of the uniqueness of crowd links and attribute this to the main reason for the success of a powerful marketing tool.

 However, despite the effectiveness, there are also disadvantages of this method.

2.3 – Disadvantages

Firstly, this is the quality of crowd marketing, which must be performed competently, taking into consideration all the requirements and needs of the site under discussion. This means that when you offer a certain service to potential customers on the Internet, it is better to make sure in advance that your site will be able to meet the needs of buyers.  If you went to a home building forum and touched on the topic of paints there, and your business is closely related to the production of furniture, then your crowd link risks becoming another spam like on most resources.

Solution: In cases where you need to create a competent crowd link, it is better to hire a specialist in advance,as such work requires specific writing skills and the ability to get to the heart of the discussion.

And it’s better not to even try to do everything yourself, because in many cases it takes a lot of work to write at least 60 words on a specific topic.

Secondly, it is necessary to remember both brevity and usefulness, because the content of information in one crowd link should be no more than 70 words.

Громоздкие и объемные крауд-ссылки не подходят для размещения, поскольку занимают очень много места, и пользователь просто не дочитает информацию до конца. Поэтому составление текстов следует доверить опытным веб-мастерам.

Otherwise there is a high risk that people simply will not finish reading.

Cumbersome and voluminous crowd links are not suitable for placement, because they take up a lot of space, and the user simply does not read the information to the end. Therefore, the drafting of texts should be entrusted to experienced webmasters.

Solution: It is extremely difficult to recommend learning this business, because crowd links are a separate art form that people master for a long time. Therefore, we can only advise you to hire specialists for this matter.

Thirdly, the number of clients does not depend on you, but on the popularity of the forum and the topics of discussion. In other words, if you went to the forum and wrote a crowd link for a topic that is visited by 2-3 people per day, then the likelihood that customers will come to you is extremely low. This is the main problem of many businesses that decide to advertise their product using this tool. And everything is explained by a simple inability to create the right links and correctly place them on the appropriate resources.

Solution: Even though a lot depends on the popularity of product discussions, this does not mean that you cannot find a forum on a highly specialized topic. Even the most unpopular questions are often discussed online and need specific answers.

3 – Conclusion

Crowd links — are an extremely convenient and useful marketing tool. However, you need to know how to use it wisely.

With the right application you can significantly increase the popularity of your brand, website, store and get a permanent audience.  Naturally, this explains why many companies use this linking and crowd marketing technique to promote their products, services and offerings.  According to statistics this method has been the most reliable and effective in Internet marketing since 2018.