How to create and place crowd links

How to create and place crowd links

One of the most useful tools for promoting your website are crowd links. How to add them online to attract new target audiences is a popular question among start-up bloggers and developers creating information portals. You do not have to have access to any special tools or expensive applications to produce a crowd link. Their operating principle and the particularities of their placement look quite simple.

Peculiarities of placement of crowd links

If you follow some tips, working with crowd links will be made as easy as possible and the efficiency of promotion will increase significantly:

  1. Firstly, do not prematurely form too high requests and expectations. The result of promotion depends on a number of factors and appears 3 months after publication – it will take time for the link to adapt on the site, upgrade the account and earn rankings.

2. Secondly, choose the right sites for publishing crowd links. When choosing sources, consider the target audience, communication style and requests.

3. Thirdly, there is no need to use advertising texts alone. For many readers, they only cause rejection and reduce traffic. Before publishing the link, figure out the specifics of the prepared message and be prepared to provide the visitor with a comprehensive answer to their query. Usually users look at the ranking and activity of the poster on the site, as well as feedback on the usefulness of its messages. Some sites provide detailed profile descriptions and an archive of messages left.

In addition, do not underestimate crowd marketing, as it is in active development and is becoming a powerful tool for SEO optimization of various resources.

Where to post crowd links

There are several sites where you can post crowd links for free. They include: reviews, comments, questionnaire sites and thematic directories. Let’s take a look at the features of each option.


Placing crowd links in social media comments or under articles increases organic reach, but requires adherence to subject matter. It is forbidden to post blatant spam, as it will be deleted by the moderators of the resource.


If you plan to place crowd links in forums, it may bring a large influx of visitors. All you need to do is post responsibly, because trusted forums may get your profile blocked for posts that are of no practical value.

Questionnaire sites

Questionnaire sites are similar to forums in terms of interface, but their internal structure is slightly different. Users answer the right questions, attracting a targeted audience to their resource.

Feedback sites

You can leave links on such sites when you register your company card for the subsequent publication of reviews. If you face a competitive war, use the method with extreme caution, as your site may moderate negative reviews.


Usually, you cannot publish reviews under a card in directories, so you can register your site without fear of receiving negative comments from competitors.

How to publish a lot of crowdsourced links

You can use the following methods to buy crowd links in bulk:

  1. Ordering from freelancers. A cheap and effective way of promotion.
  2. Ordering from specialized exchanges and marketplaces that publish crowd links. If the cost of links is high, it will increase the guarantee of success in case of conflicts
  3. Seek help from specialized services. They allow you to build a long-term campaign for SEO optimization.

Pros and cons of crowdsourced links

The effectiveness of promotion through crowd links is measured by several parameters:

  1. Traffic figures, which grow without decreasing over a certain time interval.
  2. Website promotion in search engines by embedded keywords and tags.
  3. Growth of link mass.

Among the benefits of using crowd links are:

  1. Forming a natural link profile.
  2. Increasing brand awareness.
  3. Gradual attraction of new users to your site.

Minuses associated with the likelihood of removal of the link by moderators, as well as the need to put a lot of effort for the first positive results.



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