How much does crowd marketing cost?

How much does crowd marketing cost?

In the field of SEO optimisation, website crowd marketing plays an important role for online resources that provide services and sell merchandise. Crowd links in SEO are used to accumulate link mass, bringing a particular link or online resource to the top of the search engine results. Promoting a company’s brand or service through crowd advertising allows for:

  • increase website traffic and the number of anchor clicks;
  • increase consumer interest in the products and increase the audience by disseminating information, which leads to higher sales;
  • improve the reputation of the brand, increase the company’s expertise;
  • promote your online shop.

LinksBoosters has been promoting websites since 2004, placing cheap crowd links on the web resources of their clients on a daily basis. In this case, crowd advertising does not look like spam, but is provided in the form of an appropriate recommendation.

The cost of crowd promotion

At present, LinksBoosters has 14 experienced employees who are capable of placing up to three hundred links per day. You can choose to have crowd marketers place links as quickly as possible, or do the task to a customer-determined length of time.

The crowd links price is determined depending on the expected results and the following price rates for crowd sites:

  • within CIS countries – 1 dollar per link;
  • In the United States – $ 3 per link.

There is a 30-day guarantee for the links placed. If the links placed did not bring the agreed results, the customer can get them replaced free of charge. 

Technology of crowd marketing

The principle of link building work as follows:

  1. Searching for thematic forums, social networks and other sites where the target audience is located. In addition, crowd means getting a database of the best web portals in different countries accumulated by marketers to help expand the customer’s market.
  2. Marketers prepare links and publications, comments or articles. The content is unique, expert and natural in order to present the advertisement as much as possible as advice, expert recommendation or introductory information. A team of experts works on the publication to post it, and “boosted” accounts are used.  
  3. Articles with active links are published on selected online venues. 

The potential of crowd advertising

Many people mistakenly believe that consumers do not trust feedback. However, practice shows that potential customers tend to trust these same consumers more than the information provided by consultants. We believe Invespcro’s statistics to be proof of this:

  • 72% of respondents admitted that they trust the brand more after reading feedback;
  • 88% of shoppers trust recommendations on social media;
  • 90% of people read feedback before they ask for services or buy products from a particular brand.

The benefits of crowd marketing are obvious.



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