How do you determine link quality?

How do you determine link quality?

Ranking sites in search engines without quality link mass is a long and complicated process. This is due to the fact that backlinks continue to be more important “signs” of ranking than the internal SEO optimization of content and online resources in general. Therefore, to promote the site sooner or later use links.

However, building up the link mass is not enough. One needs to make sure of its quality, so that the results of the introduction of backlinks have the desired effectiveness. You can determine the quality of permalinks through services like Checktrust, Megaindex, Xtool. 

Also in the field of SEO promotion is guided by the principle: quality SEO external links means quality donors. 

Therefore, to check the quality of links, you need to perform the following steps:

  • make sure there are no sanctions and filters search engines;
  • check the dynamism of the donor site traffic, attendance statistics;
  • check the link evolution of the donor site;
  • check whether the natural links to the donor site; 
  • check the anchor list and the outgoing links of donor sites. 

Let’s consider each step in more detail.

Search engine filters

You can use the operator to check if the donor’s site has been filtered by search engines. If you perform this search query, the requested site should appear on the output page. In the case where the search produces third-party links, the likelihood that the online site is subject to sanctions is high.

The dynamics of link placement on the donor site

Significant decrease in the placement of links and referring donors, as well as unstable dynamics of growth of the link mass indicates that the site is not of sufficient quality. Also, significant jumps in the growth of link weights of the resource can indicate the use of spam links, which will lead to its inclusion under the system of search engine filtering. 

It is possible to check the link evolution of the site through services such as: 

  • Ahrefs;
  • Majestic;
  • MOZ, etc. 

Analytics of the donor traffic dynamics

Depending on the type of donor site traffic figures may vary. However, general statistics can show the sources of traffic and its geodata. For such a check, the capabilities of the SimilarWeb service are suitable. It will help to find out:

  • percentage of search traffic;
  • countries of initial attendance;
  • number of referrals, direct and linking from social networks.

Anchor list, permalinks and their quality

You need to know what resources the donor site refers to and what links it uses. Only natural links are important to promote the site. A large number of commercial anchors, pharma, and outbound adult links indicate a low quality of the online site. When considering the donor’s link mass, one should pay attention to the presence of spammy and non-thematic links, as well as links with low DR/UR scores.      

In addition to the above said, it is important to understand that for search engines and the Internet, link placement should solve the problem of disseminating useful information and meeting the needs of the target audience.



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